7th - 10th January

Tom Cronin Meditation Retreat

23rd - 26th January

Brooke Elliston Yoga Retreat

28th January - 1st February

Daya Devi Retreat

4th - 7th February

Kamya O'Keeffe

12th - 14th February

Belly, Mind & Soul Gut Health Retreat

16th - 21st February

The Enlighten Co

24th - 28th February

Optimum Health, Detox Retreat

4th - 7th March

Richard Muir Meditation Retreat

22nd March - 6th April

Private function

31st March - 4th April

Artable Art Retreat

12th April - 2nd May

(Here) Yoga, Teacher Training

7th - 11th April

Artable, Art Retreat

12th April - 2nd May

(Here) Yoga Teacher Training

5th - 9th May

Westside Yoga

12th - 16th May

Optimum Health Detox Retreat

20th - 23rd June

Inna Bliss Yoga Retreat

24th - 29th May

The Enlighten Co

3rd - 6th June

Inna Bliss Yoga Retreat

10th - 13th June

Jodie Burton Yoga Retreat

16th - 20th June

Illuminate Yoga Retreat

21st - 29th June

Private event

1st - 4th July

State of Salt Yoga Retreat

5th - 14th July

Private event

15th - 21st July

Well Belly / Elyse Comerford, Jo Whitton

22nd - 27th July

Raw Elements

28th July - 4th August

(Here) Yoga, Teacher Training

6th - 10th July

Tim Brown Meditation

11th - 15th August

Artable, Art Retreat

16th - 26 August

The Yoga Factory, Teacher Training

27th August - 3rd September

Zen Soul Life, Soul & Gratitude Retreat

6th - 11th September

The Enlighten Co


15th - 19th September 

Optimum Health, Detox Retreat

23rd - 27th September

The Chief Life, Nutrition and Lifestyle

29th September - 3rd October

Bondi Meditation Center, Rounding

9th - 16th October

Hayley Bateup, Body Retreats

20th - 24th October

Power Living Australia Yoga

29th October - 1st November

Yogatopia, Yoga and Wellness Retreat

10th - 14th November

Artable, Art Retreat

17th - 21st November

Optimum Health, Detox Retreat

22nd - 27th November

Melissa Mai, Women's Retreat