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Wybalena Organic Farm Retreat Venue Logo

We are a small yet mighty team at Wybalena, collectively aiming to provide our hosts incredible service and a stress-free, beautiful venue that is conducive to optimum health and wellbeing. 


Julian is the owner & founder of Wybalena Organic Farm, kneeling up front with the lovely Ella (who despite our best efforts wasn't in the mood for a photo!). We also have Ashleigh our Retreat Manager, Adam our Farm Manager, Zara our Cleaning Manager and her incredible cleaning team.

We love sharing this beautiful land and providing a space that invites you to unwind, reconnect and immerse in nature. Most of all we love seeing our guests take the time to relax into the stillness of our natural environment, we see such a difference in how they are just after a day or two on the farm.


Contributing to our local community is also very important to us, from offering our driveway turn around to the local school bus route, donating our space for local fundraisers and charity events where possible, and being a proud supporter of charity organisations R U OK?, Yalari and Queensland Endometriosis.

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Although we do not commercially produce or sell any produce, we care for our land as an organic farm without using chemicals such as pesticides or artificial fertilisers. We are caretakers of this beautiful land and the pristine air & water it offers us.

Like many properties in the area, Wybalena was historically a dairy farm. It later successfully grew bananas, coffee and vegetables before being used for beef cattle and macadamias plantations. Aside from operating as a retreat venue, we have a small herd of pasture raised beef cattle (serving as the farm’s part-time lawn mowers) as well as our lovely chickens who are fed the worlds best diet with all the scraps from caterers! We also have a wide variety of fruit trees and native Australian foods, which guests are welcome to pick from as they wander the farm.

It is incredibly important to us to protect the environment and work in harmony with existing ecosystems, conserving and keeping natural waterways clean, protecting and building our soils and harnessing renewable energy. We are guided by a variety of natural farming best practices including regenerative agriculture, permaculture and biodynamics; as well as a symbiotic relationship with our animals, whom are treated humanely and with respect.

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