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Wybalena Beef


We are excited to announce that it is now possible to purchase our delicious grass fed beef. We take great pride in our beautiful herd of Brangus cattle who are raised on our pristine 170 acre property. Farm owner, Julian Mateer implements holistic management practices including cell grazing to produce the healthiest cows. They are also fed additional supplements including minerals and seaweed. 

We have a breeding herd of around 40 cows which produce around 35 calves per year. We have an onsite butcher who comes to the farm and the animals are slaughtered in the most ethical way and spared the trauma of being shipped and processed at the abattoir.  We care deeply about the treatment of our animals and strive to give them the healthiest and happiest existence possible. 

The love and attention we put into the herd translates into the taste and nutritional content of the beef we sell. If you really care about the quality of the food you eat - please contact us for more information on Wybalena Beef and we are happy to arrange a visit to the farm so you can see first hand the quality of our animals and pasture. 

We sell 10kg packs of frozen beef which include a mixture of steaks, roasts, cuts for slow cooking, sausages and mince. We also sell our special "super sausages" which include organ meats - they are absolutely delicious and a great way of including these super foods in your diet.

Due to regulations around selling meat which has not been sent to the abattoir we can only market this beef as suitable to be used as pet food.